WoodSpoon’s Soon-to-Launch Service Aims to Bring Home-cooked Food Delivery To NYC

Updated: Mar 31

By Jennifer Marston - Dec 29, 2019

Someone else’s kitchen could be the next place cooking up your food delivery order thanks to a soon-to-launch service called WoodSpoon. Set to begin service on September 16 in NYC, the service is an on-demand delivery marketplace for homemade meals as well as a platform for local cooks.

WoodSpoon CEO and co-founder Oren Saar, who moved to the U.S. from Israel to do a Masters degree at MIT four years ago, got the idea for WoodSpoon in 2016 after a roommate said he preferred Saar’s cooking to any option he might find on Grubhub, Caviar, or other food delivery services. Speaking over the phone this week, Saar told me he had a “white light” moment then as he realized there could be serious demand for people wanting to order homemade meals from local cooks.

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