Our Commitment to Food Safety

Every day, we strive to provide you, our home-cooked dishes that were made with fresh ingredients at home. We, too, serve these same WoodSpoon meals to our families. Ensuring that our customers are receiving high-quality meals that are safe to eat is and always will be our highest priority.  


We have a comprehensive food safety plan in place which is designed to ensure that food safety controls are effectively applied at every step of our supply chain, from the cook's home to your doorstep.

WoodSpoon Cooks Training and Education

Every WoodSpoon cook who handles food in any manner undergoes a comprehensive food safety training program, in compliance with the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) requirements.

WoodSpoon Home Kitchen Inspection

Every WoodSpoon cook is verified by one of our Cook Support team members and goes through a highly-selective application process, which includes: a face-to-face interview, in-home inspection, live cooking demonstration and taste test of sample dishes.

WoodSpoon Insurance Coverage Program

As part of our commitment to you, WoodSpoon insures you – at zero cost – for each WoodSpoon delivery you made with us. There is no substitute for peace of mind – that is why all of our diners are covered by our comprehensive insurance policy.