About Us

Frequently Asked Questions

What is WoodSpoon?

WoodSpoon is the first on-demand homemade food delivery platform that connects diners who are looking to get great homemade food with local cooks around them.

The WoodSpoon app connects you with a broad range of local cooks who are now available, so you can order from the full menus of your local favorites whenever you want. 

What is WoodSpoon's dish portion size?

WoodSpoon has a single 32 Oz container portion dish size, which is a very generous portion, typically enough for an individual plus leftovers for the next day. Portion description is always provided on the dish details page of each dish so that you know how much to order for you and your family.  

What is WoodSpoon cooks vetting process?

At WoodSpoon ensuring that our customers are receiving high-quality meals that are safe to eat is and always will be our highest priority.  We, too, serve these same WoodSpoon meals to our families. We have a comprehensive food safety plan in place which is designed to ensure that food safety controls are effectively applied at every step of our supply chain, from the cook's home to your doorstep.

WoodSpoon cooks go through a multi-step vetting process before they are approved to cook and sell on the platform. Our vetting process includes phone interview, kitchen inspection, food approval, tasting group evaluation, proof of food safety training, and more.

How to place an order on WoodSpoon?

1. Sign in (or create an account) and set your delivery address and time
2. Choose the dish or cook you want to order from
3. Select your items and tap "Add to Cart"
4. To place your order, select "Checkout"
5. Review your order and tap "Checkout"
6. Track your order progress

How to track an order on WoodSpoon?

After completing your order, you can locate your order by clicking on the “Track Your Order” button from the main screen of the app. This page will update when the order is confirmed by the cook, and when the order is out for delivery with your courier.

Contact us if you have any questions about your order status. 

We do our best to ensure all orders are delivered before our projected delivery ETA, however, this is not always possible. Our ETA is affected by WoodSpoon's order volume, distance, local events/weather, and the number of orders the cook has received. Any ETA changes will be communicated via text, email, or push notification.

What is WoodSpoon cancellation policy?

The WoodSpoon app lets you cancel orders without contacting our support line first. However, there may be a charge depending on when you cancel the order.

To cancel an order directly through the app:
1. Access your live order status screen, then find and tap "Cancel Order"
2. A pop up appears confirming you'd like to cancel and alerts you to any potential charges associated with canceling
3. To complete the cancellation, tap "Cancel Order"

How do fees work on WoodSpoon?

When you order food on WoodSpoon, the fees you pay help cover delivery, packaging and service costs.
Orders delivered with WoodSpoon can include these types of fees.

  • Delivery fees vary for each cook based on things like your location and availability of nearby couriers. You'll always know how much before selecting a dish from a cook.

  • Service fees equal 15% of an orders subtotal.

  • Small order fees apply to orders less than $10. You can add more items to remove this fee.