Homemade Food, Delivered.

WoodSpoon is a community-based, two-sided online platform that facilitates the process of ordering homemade food from local cooks. WoodSpoon supplies a holistic experience from search, to packages, payments, delivery, and ranking.


At WoodSpoon we empower our cooks to share their culture and passion with others.

Customers can order for immediate delivery or schedule ahead on WoodSpoon’s free mobile app for iOS and Android. WoodSpoon provides customers with quick, reliable delivery service from the chef's kitchen to their doorstep. 

Our Vision

To connect people through food

To promote a healthier and more transparent food delivery

To support the fight against wasted food

The People Behind Woodspoon

Oren Saar
CEO & Co-Founder
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Roy Franko
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Merav Kalish Rozengarten
CMO & Co-Founder
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Youval Amit
Head of Growth
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